ARCANA has a stat system. It’s not meant for player vs. player encounters but rather to facilitate the Storyteller system. It’s meant to be used by STs to gauge how successful your characters may (or may not) be at a certain action. It is not meant to be used for combat except as a general reference; combat is meant to be freeform.

Stat checks involve rolling a die and adding your stat value as a bonus to the result.

All stats run 1-50. Average humans have a 0 in all stats. Superhuman and high level characters may exceed a score of 50, but no starting characters are currently allowed a score over 50.



Stamina represents endurance and the ability to ignore damage. It can also represent resistance to poisons, disease, exhaustion, etc. If your character is injured, they should start rolling STA checks to remain upright.


Power is a measure of your character’s strength and skill in combat. Make POW checks when you attack. Reaching threshold indicates a hit, exceeding it greatly indicates a critical hit.


Magic is a measure of your character’s aptitude for the arcane. Make MAG checks when you use a spell. Reaching a threshold indicates a hit exceeding it greatly indicates a critical hit.


Agility represents how nimble and dexterous your character may be. Roll AGI to see if you successfully dodge a falling boulder, sneak past the guards undetected, or cross a tightrope without falling.


Intelligence measures your education, how knowledgeable you are. INT checks are used to see what relevant knowledge a character might have in any given situation.


Perception is your character’s awareness and intuition, the keenness of their senses. When you need to observe your surroundings or detect lies, make a PER check.


Charisma is your character’s ability to influence others with words or conduct. Make CHA checks when persuading, negotiating, intimidating, or otherwise trying talk your way through an encounter.


YOU MAY ALWAYS ELECT TO FAIL A CHECK. For example, you may play an anti-social ranger with excellent PER, but you may not want him to be as perceptive in social situations. In that case, simply act as if you failed and skip making a check altogether.

A starting character has 100 points to invest into their six stats however they wish.

For every level gained after the first, a character gains FIVE points to spend on their stats.


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